Everyone's talking about Beyoncé's new album and speculating on what it's about. If you haven't listened to it yet or watched the visual album, you must. Tidal gives you a month free before charging you a small monthly fee. You can also buy it on iTunes.

As someone who rarely gives interviews and keeps to her art, Beyoncé is highly elusive. She's so private, but makes earth-shattering impact through her music. Lemonade may very well be self-expression, but it sends a broader message to women everywhere. It’s a positive one, inspired by something Jay Z's mother once said, "I was served lemons, but I always made lemonade." The entire album, including its title, is a tribute to black women and how hard they've had to fight in this country. No matter how many bad hands they're dealt, they spin straw into gold. The visual album (full of wardrobe inspiration) exclusively uses black women throughout the motion picture, including Beyoncé’s friend Serena Williams (one of my heroes), and features a clip from a speech given by Malcolm X.

That being said, this message for women is so much bigger than the rumors circulating about Jay Z’s infidelity and who is “Becky with the good hair”. Don’t get caught up in the rumors. Just read this article and get back to letting the music move you.  If you listen to PRAY YOU CATCH and DON'T HURT YOURSELF, you know the lyrics are about coming to terms with and overcoming infidelity or betrayal, something every woman can identify with. Lemonade is also about unapologetically doing you (SORRY), getting what you give through hard work (6 INCH), forgiveness (FORWARD), and staying true to yourself (FORMATION). 

I'm not ashamed to say that over the last two weeks, Lemonade has been the only thing I've listened to (and watched). Can't wait to see Bey live at Levi's Stadium on May 16. I have so much respect for this woman. She's an incredibly talented singer, composer, performer, director, and editor. She's a poised public figure, a mother and wife, and has other-worldly sense of style. A true artist in every way. I grew up a Destiny's Child fan, but Bey's music has inspired me ever since I downloaded '03 Bonnie & Clyde on Kazaa.

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