Not giving a _____

I have always admired those who just don't give a hoot about what other people think. It's something I'm constantly trying to embody. I'm one tough chick. I have personality, ambition, and style and I show it... 90% of the time. I'm a human with self-doubt just like everybody else. I have a lot to give and I could give it all, if only I weren't afraid of looking stupid.

Not caring what other people think can come in so many different forms. Running in a sports bra and no shirt on a sweltering day. Zumba classes. Online dating. Quitting your job to do something unconventional. BeyoncĂ©. Rihanna. James Franco. Winston Churchill. Even Donald Trump (I cringe). Is it true that it's only when you abandon your fear of being different that you truly find your place, and therefore, success?

This blog is one big exercise in rejecting fear. My friends have been telling me to start a blog for years. You could say this is somewhat of a leap for me. Listening to T.Swift's "Shake it off" on repeat since August 2014 has helped.

Cue the eyeroll emoji to all the haters out there, or just this film still of Michelle Pfeiffer as the ultimate '90s lady boss, Elvira, from Scarface

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